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Ancient cities and dirty pictures

So here we are in Pompeii and I have so say, I am not disapointed.  The place we are staying is nice and has air conditioning.  We have to share a bed, but Karly does not snore or kick in her sleep so that is good.  The breakfast was bad, but I was warned that B&B breakfasts in southern Italy were crap anyway so I was kinda expecting it.
Yeasterday we went to the ancient site of Pompeii and wow... just wow.  The entire city is still there.  It is not just bits and pieces, the entire city is there to visit.  We walked and walked and walked.  The day was hot and we were seeking out shady spots when we could.  We saw the brothel, but it didn't have the painting I wanted to show Karly (giggle).  We finally located the painting in a villa but the place was closed for restoration so no luck there either.  But Pompeii is about more then looking a dirty ancient painting, so we were not too disapointed.  I really wish I could get pictures onto this site so I could show you all the fun we are having, but internet is a rarety here.  Gotta book the next leg of our trip so I will update later.
Love you all

Sad, happy and fustrating day

So today was Karly's official last day at the school.  I arrived bright and early to find Karly still packing, which was ok, it is not like she had to catch the bus with everyone else.  We got her ready and found a place for her to leave her stuff as we travels and then headed to the hostel to book us both in for another night.  Only when we got there we discovered that the place was fully booked.  Oh no!
So the only other place I could think of that might have a place for us was the Allegria which is owned by the school.  When I called last time they were telling me that a room was 50 euros a night.  That is kind of expensive for one person, but for two it is not so bad. 
We got there, but the place was locked up tight.  Solution... call Mr. Smith.  Mr. Smith has been really helpful to me since I arrived and even gave me a melon to eat because I had not eaten when I first arrived at the school.  I know it is kinda random, but it is also kinda sweet.  He gave us the number of the person who is in charge of the hotel and within a few minutes... ok more like an hour... we were booked in.
Now we are figuring out how to get to Pompeii, we have a placed booked but it looks like it is going to be an all day trip to get there.  That is ok.  Long trips are nice, especially if you go on a rout that have nice scenery and gods know Italy has beautiful scenery.
We will let you know how the trip goes and if we arrive.
Love you all and miss you.

Italy but no cute boys

 Well I am here in Lanciano with Karly and everything has worked out beautifully, although I did have to pay a little too much for my room in Rome.  But then again that is Rome, you always have to pay too much in Rome.
The directions to Lanciano provided by the school were really good, but they failed to mention how to find the school once in the city.  Because God loves me (even though I tend to yell at him often when things go wrong), I met this woman and her two children who were also Canadian, she has sent three of her four children to the summer program at the Renaissance school and so she knew the way.  Thank the gods because I never would have found it otherwise.
Karly is looking well and she really seems to be enjoying her time here.  And don't worry, all those stared did not give her freaky tennis star legs, they are quite nice legs and I am jelous. 
The principle of the school Mr. Smith has been nice and helped me find a cheap place to stay and everything.  Tomorrow is Karly's last full day and then our adventure can begin.  
Will try to keep you all updated as long as we have internet connection.  There is no plan yet, so the sky is the limite... and I mean that because neither one of us is going to pass the astronaut training program in two weeks.

Nothing New

Wow, I can't believe how long it has been since I posted. 
A lot has happen since then, yet then again it feels like nothing has happened since then.  I am now a practitioner of yoga.  I thing it is a minor miracle that I found an exercise regime that allows me to get fit AND does not stop me from breathing.  I need a way to de-stress with all that is going on.
In other new Essam is leaving, going back home to Egypt at the end of the month. *cry*.  My consolation to that is that Gio and I plan to visit him sometime... we are not sure when.  Summer would be better for us school wise, but winter would be better... well because it's Egypt and summer is really hot there.  We will see what happens.
My mom did come and visit me last summer.  Now my campaign is to get my dad over, but with the houses, the economy and EVERYTHING else, I am afraid that this campaign is doomed to fail. (pictures of my mom's visit are on my photobucket page, the link is in my past post).
Winter is turning to summer in England and life is moving on.
As they say in the weekenders: "Later Days"
I think I have filled up my Scrapbook, so I opened an account at photobucket.  Here is the link


Globe Theater

            Today was another nice day in London. Amy and I got tickets to Troilus & Cressida at the Globe Theatre. It is one of the plays that I have not read and neither had Amy. So it was like seeing a new play, in a way. The play was funny, but there was one thing I didn’t understand. What or when does Cressida promises herself (or something) to her Trojan guardian? Did she know him before? He seems to say something to that effect. 

            We then wandered over for tea, but before we could make it, we found a sign that said that there was a free open exhibit at the site of Rose Theatre (the theatre where Shakespeare learned his craft). They want to finish the excavation that was started in the 1980’s and build a permanent exhibit.

            Tomorrow it is back to the British Library for me. I might even drop in to the Henry VIII exhibit they have on. 

            BTW… the computer is not letting me upload pictures very well, so I will most likely upload them when I am back.

Saturday in London

            Ok, I will just come out and say it… “I don’t get modern art!” I mean some of the stuff I like, but overall I don’t see the skill or imagination behind it. And I am sorry, but any art you have to explain to people is not really art. Art should talk to people on it’s own without the need of explanations. If you need to explain an art piece the piece is a failure. So call me an ignorant purist, but give me a Monet, Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Géricault, Goya, Caravaggio, Picasso, etc. So although the Tate was intersting, there was definitly a lot of sarcasme coming from Amy and I. Some pieces were facinating, I do like cubism, Warhol interests me as a person (not his work so much, but even he admited they were ‘comercial’), and some individual pieces showed talent and creativity. I am glade I went.

            The best part of the day was before that though. I finally found someone willing (in fact happy) to go to a Body Worlds exibit with me. This one was called Mirror of Time. It was an amazing look at the human body and the development of the aging process. Unlike the forensic museum in Thailand, this exhibit was actually beautifully crafted. Your brain didn’t really process that what you were seeing was actual human remains, because it was just so wonderfully visually pleasing. There was even some parents that brought they children and it was obvious the children had no idea what they were really seeing. I really enjoyed the exhibite. It was a wonderful mixture of science and art. 

            Tomorrow is going to be great too. Amy and I have tickets to see a play at the Globe. Yea! You read that right, THE GLOBE. The Globe theater. We are seeing a Shakspear play at the Globe. Fair enough it is only a reconstruction of the original, but who cares? The expirience of standing in the audience will be amazing… and yes we did obt for the stating tickets. One They were cheaper, but the expirience will be amazing too.    

            This week has been wonderful. What could be better then spending most of your time in the world’s biggest library? Seriously, I can’t think of much… ok I can, but they are equal to better then. Although I took today off to go visit some other museums.

            Today I started the day by wandering over to Borough Market to pick up lunch.  It is a wonderful market (I have heard it is one of the oldest in London) with lots of really good food, too bad it's only on for three days of the weeks.  I then went to the Victoria and Albert Museum, I have never been there before and it is quite impressive. It was not all just fun and games though, I was on the hunt for some Anglo-Saxon’s ivories that my sources keep referring too. When I asked the information desk about it, the man actually said I was at the wrong museum and told me to go to the British Museum that there was no Anglo-Saxon stuff at the V&A. Well I found what I was looking for, so I don’t know what he was talking about. The same thing happened at Southwark Cathedral, I asked about the fact that they advertise that the church has been there since the 600’s and when I went to ask about it, the guides just stared at me blankly. I was finally able to find the office and they gave me the e-mail of the Cathedral Archaeologist (another career opportunity! You discover something new every day).

            I then tried to go the Museum of Natural History but there was huge line to get in, so I left (it was raining really hard). It is the only museum in London that makes you wait in line to get in. I have no idea why, because when I was there a few years ago we definitely didn’t wait at all, and the museum is free so the only reason for the line is the bag check, which is a little silly.

            Later that night, we joined some of Amy’s friend for a few drinks at a proper pub downtown. One of her friends, I think his name is John, is one of only 2500 people chosen to go on the Plinth in Trafalgar Square (to see the project go to http://www.oneandother.co.uk/).  It’s funny, but kinda cool at the same time. My favourite one so far is the guy who sang nursery rhyme songs and signed them at the same time. I thought that was a smart thing to do. Right now I guy is setting up to play the violin.

            The only thing I wish is that the weather here would decide what to do. It can be warm and then freezing all within an hour. It makes it hard to choose what to wear in the morning.

An original idea. OMG!


Every hour there is someone new on the Plinth, some are interesting (like the guy who sang children songs in sign language) and some are boring (they just stand up there).  Cheack it out.  I went down to see for myself and this is really happening.  So glad someone has finally come up with an original art idea.